The Way You Look Tonight

For more than 8 years, I have been sharing a little piece of December with three friends from my old days at school. During these days we enjoy lovely moments of joy and sorrow by withdrawing ourselves from the rest of the world diving into our favorite things: films, music, food and nature.

These photos were taken using a very old camera someone gave it to me while I was a kid, probably the same time I met the "horchatas"(*) (an extremely appropriate name given by my sister to my friends from school).

In particular, this series of photographies belongs to a film which has been kept on purpose during a year inside this camera, waiting for me to clearly make out our imminent reunion. It makes all the sense: future and past are equally present during our dangling conversations.

This photo series intends to represent the atmosphere we create during our stay together.

(*) Horchata is a chufa refreshing drink from Valencia. However, in Spanish we say "Horchata blood" for a extremely calm character